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Zhangzhou Tongyuan Electronic Co., Ltd

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(Summary description)Tongyuan clock Co., Ltd. is one of best developed private enterprises growing with China's reform and opening policy. By consistent efforts in creating new designs and expanding production scale, Tongyuan clock Co., Ltd. has successfully occupied an important part in China's quartz clock export market. The high quality, striking designs and most competitive prices have been recognized worldwide, and Tongyuan clock series sell well in more than 30 countries and regions including USA, UK, Japan, Germany, Middle East, Africa etc.

Tongyuan is able to operate in assembly line production from sample designing, mould-making, plastics injecting, vacuum film-plating, paint spraying, gilding, assembling to final testifying. It can serve the customers down to the smallest detail and offer a long-term guarantee of quality.

With a factory building of more than 10000 square meters, Tongyuan utilizes advanced production equipment like plastic-injecting machines, gilding presses and vacuum film-plating machines. There are over 200 employees and technicians in the company with an annual production exceeding three million sets of clocks.

Tongyuan is fully conscious of the importance of named brand, high quality and punctual delivery, the abundant technical power and quick design of new products ensure every Tongyuan product to meet the customers' different requirements in styles and specifications. Several Tongyuan clocks have successfully achieved patent from state patent office on the clocks' outstanding designs.

We have delicate catalogues with detailed product information. Should you have any interest, please feel free to contact us.